youth @ KTN PPII, day one

well, finally i'm arrived at batu, malang after a 24-hours-tiring-trip with bus. unfortunately,when i arrived, my father was going to the hotel, so we went together. then, when my friends loaded their baggages, my family had a nap. that's because XPRESS BOARDING from MPK PPII! cool! (a not too important ad)
ok, back to the topic. acara hari ini telat keluar, trus buka sesi curcol sm cyntia. ketemu sm tmen2 kyk andro, arieel, dan olan. abis itu makan malem. trus kebaktian, yg khotbah mr. ferdy. drummernya gea. siapap sih dy? ntar gw jelasin. temanya the peacemaker. terus bkin klompok. i am in the 6th. abis itu pulang breng pradit ke hotel. skarang mw tidur. toodles!