just wanna share :)

yesterday, when i said, "i have no idea what to do with my photoshop project,"
i opened my plurk (as usual)
and read that one of my friend shared a PORTABLE ADOBE PHOTOSHOP CS3!!
wow! download it!!
then someone replies,
"i also have a portable adobe photoshop CS4. you can download it from here.
their size are about 50 MB each, so you can put it on the flashdisk.
that's the updates for today. hope you're enjoying that.

for CS4, password: movielinkers.info.
just click the hyperlink for downloading.
for CS3, no password.

p.s.: i think i WOULD use the portable CS4 at my IT class. it sounds good. hope someone tell me where i can get a portable CorelDraw.


Benazio R.P mengatakan...

itu akyuuu yang ngeshareee hohohooh

XandY mengatakan...

gw perlu berterima kasih ke siapa nih??? lol

DJoniE mengatakan...

Ijin download ya...